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We take every effort and do not leave any stone unturned in order to satisfy our clients. If you are interested to get more information about our plastic scrap offers, please feel free to contact us. We should be very glad to hear from you and looking forward to your cooperation  


Oya Metals Recycling Company is one of the leading recycling and exporting companies based in Tripoli, Libya.Over the years we have successfully implemented recycling programs with various organizations and we are committed providing customers with competitive pricing and unsurpassed services in the industry. As starting, we were dealing with metal scrap where we built a […]

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we are limitless on where we can go to understand our partners’s unique needs and customize tailored solutions to realize even the most complex business objectives. We have full service of Metals and Plastic Recycling that provides products to customers worldwide, we are specializes in processing plastic scrap in all types of forms